Map of all languages in the corpus

The Bible corpus contains 1169 unique translations, which have been assigned 906 different ISO-639-3 codes. The areal distribution of the languages in the corpus is shown in the map above. If you mouse over a language location or search for a particular language in the search box, you will get information on the number of translations for this language in a info box. You can freeze the information by clicking on the language location. If you click on a text in the info box, you get a free sample of the book of Mark (if available in that translation) as plain text. An alphabetic list of all available translations can be found here.

The Parallel Bible Corpus is an ongoing project that aims at collecting Bible texts from the world's languages with the inherent parallelism of the verses being preserved. The ultimate goal is to provide a large collection of language data from all continents and language families that can be used for language comparison on the text level. The texts are not collected with a liturgical goal, nor for the enhancement of bible study. Although we think that the current resource might also be valuable in that context, we are explicitly making a resource for comparative linguistics. We aim to represent the text as close as possible to the intended form of the original translation, and we give full credit and reference for all translations included in this corpus. We welcome all suggestions and corrections ( However, please note that the texts in this corpus are not intended to be authoritative liturgical versions of the respective translations. Please consult the original version as indicated in our corpus to obtain the translation in its original context.

The corpus is compiled and maintained by Thomas Mayer and Michael Cysouw within the project at the Philipps University of Marburg, with thankfully acknowledged assistance from Östen Dahl, Matthew Dryer, Harald Hammarström and Bernhard Wälchli. A summary of the goals and methods of the project can be found in: Mayer & Cysouw (2014) Creating a Massively Parallel Bible Corpus. The metadata have been collected with the help of Frederike Urke, Marlen Tecklenburg and Viola Kirchhoff.