Kije Manido Odikido8in: Ocki Mazinaigan
The New Testament in Algonquin (alq-x-bible)

Information on Bible translation:

language name Algonquin
closest ISO 639-3 alq
year short 1998
year long 1975 Summer Institute of Linguistics
1998 Canadian Bible Society
The translation represented by this text was started under the auspices of the North American Branch of the Summer Institute of Linguistics in 1975. SIL staff worked in close partnership with members of the Algonquin First Nation at Pikogan and with the Roman Catholic Church. The Canadian Bible Society provided consultant and publishing support to this project and published the New Testament in 1998. The translation team also produced weekly lectionary readings for the Church. If you are interested in obtaining a printed copy of this New Testament, please contact the Canadian Bible Society at
title Kije Manido Odikido8in: Ocki Mazinaigan
The New Testament in Algonquin
copyright short © Canadian Bible Society 1998
copyright long Algonquin New Testament © 1998 Canadian Bible Society
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