The Bible in Welsh (cym-x-bible-colloquial2013)

Information on Bible translation:

language name Welsh
closest ISO 639-3 cym
year short 2013
year long 2002 New Testament
2013 (March 1st) Entire Bible
title The Bible in Welsh
copyright short © Gobaith i Gymru (Hope for Wales) 2013
copyright long This is a popular translation of the Bible in simple colloquial Welsh. It’s a completely original translation. It's not an adaptation of any other Welsh version, neither is it based on any English version. The work began as an attempt to express the message of the New Testament in simple spoken Welsh, but very soon there was a call for a similar version of the Old Testament. There were two target groups of readers in mind – young people (especially those without a church background) and people that have learnt Welsh as a second language. The New Testament was first published on in 2002, and the entire Bible was launched on the website on March 1st, 2013. - copyright © 2013 Gobaith i Gymru (Hope for Wales). Information regarding permission for use of the text can be found at: